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Record Labels and their Secrets in the Music Industry




Hey guys!


I Know there’s a lot of information that you’ve read about the music industry and its upstanding business practices. But let me tell you what!
There is a lot that you are missing, because this is a world about secrets, so in this post you are going to learn something new.

Maybe you are asking yourself:

Who is This post for?…….

Well, if you are a musician that has music for sale or planning to do it, manager, audio engineer or just a person that wants to know more about this topic, then you are at the right place!


  • Labels have realised they’re not the only game in town!
    I know as a musician your dream on getting signed to a big label is a  #1 though, but over the past decade labels realised they have to justify their existence, cause you actually don’t need one at all.

  • Do you need a record label behind you to get fans?
    Some artist have managed to gain a fanbase before getting a record deal,


Do you know who ?

Well, let me introduce you to Mr Sheeran.
I know Ed Sheeran is a famous artist, but he didn’t build a career with a label behind his back at first. He worked so hard with his producer, Jake Gosling, to get inside the mainstream world before getting a record deal, so when they decided to get it, that deal became much more advantageous than a normal or old type of contract.


  • Having more fans means more money in your pocket?
    Many musicians realized their earnings don’t increase by a relative amount when they increase their fanbase. That’s why you need to know which activities bring you money or which results to your career.

  • Labels sometimes give support to indie artists and labels without they knowing that.
    DIY and indie artist tend to think they are doing all the work by themselves, but sometimes that’s not 100% true.
    Even they have creative control, marketing resources, and financed their own products, they did have used tools and support from major labels like Sony, Warner Music and Universal without knowing it.
    For example there is a company called ADA (Alternative Distribution Alliance), that works with marketing and distribution.

Well, this company is owned and operated by Warner Music.

  • Getting a record deal doesn’t guarantee your music will be released.
    When you get a deal with a major record label, you’re just one of the dozens of other artists that have the same dream you have. So your stuff could or could not be used at all by the record label.

  • Are you rich when your album sells?
    Let me tell you a BIG SECRET!Even if your album sells, you are not going to get all the money. when you sell $1K dollars, what you make is $23.40. are you in shock?

Relax, let me explain this to you!

 This happens when you split your costs between distribution, bandmates, tourmanager, manager, designing team and the label.
this is what is going to happen until you recoup all the costs that went into making the album.

That’s why, you need to fully understand what you are getting into before signing a deal with a record label.



  • Marketing and how you sell yourself as an artist can be more important for success than talent
    Having talent is an important point when you are an artist, but without marketing, your music won’t get anywhere.
    when you decide to become an artist, you need to keep in mind you are not only going to become the artist and musician you want, but also you are going to be an idol, a leader, a person fans want to follow.

  • You don’t have clones, and this means you can’t do everything by yourself!
    When you are an independent musician, you think that not having a record label behind you means you don’t need a team to help you build your career. This is not a 100% true, because it will get to the stage where you need some kind of support to get your back.Some Some of the things you need to be done as a musician growing a successful career include:
    – Artwork design
    – Music Marketing
    – Networking
    – Finances
    – Recording
    – Video Production, and a lot more…

    As an artist you should be spending all your time to create,
    not to do other activities that can be done by your team.

  • Music Marketing means Influence in the industry
    You can or can’t know this, so let me explain it to you!
    When you are marketing your music, instead of doing it to individuals, you should go to people that are influencers, people with power in social media, entertainment world, and people who have access to your target audience.




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