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Free Songwriting Training By Seth Mosley

Seth Mosley Free Training Nov 13th 2019

Hey guys!!

Back when people used to record, edit, produce, and do all the stuff they need to create a music product themselves, people didn’t understand the importance of knowing how to Compose and Write a Song, and all the things you should keep in mind when doing it. 

It’s useful if you are great at some things like:

  • Audio Tracking 
  • Editing
  • Audio Mixing
  • Business 
  • having you own “sound”
  • Social skills
  • Vocal production 
  • Harmonizing

But, What happens when you have no idea how to write a decent song or arrange a piece?

If you are working just as a Recording or mixing engineer, it doesn’t matter. Cause that’s not your job. When you are the producer of that music project, this is a BIG Failure !!!!!. It’s a dark spot on your career, cause what happens here; is that you are not going to be able to help improve or sometimes fix a song that should be better. 

So, sometimes artists don’t know how to write a good or maybe a song that can compete in this industry. and your job as a music producer is to take what they give you and make it become better. But this is not possible when you have no idea what to do or maybe when you don’t have that skill in your pocket. 


As Someone who want to be called as producers, that is an embarrassing thing to admit. 

That’s why we are sending you this letter, cause we don’t want you make the same mistake people do. 

If you haven’t already heard about Seth Mosley, he is hosting a free/live songwriting training called “The Hit Song Formula”on November 13th at 10 AM Central Standard Time.

If you want to be a part of this amazing live training, you can get your spot in the link below:

Click Here for Easy, One-Click Registration

(Or click Here For More Info About This Free Live Training)


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