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5 Amazing Sound Design Websites you should look at




As a sound designer or audio engineer, it’s really important to keep informed and stay on top of emerging technologies and techniques. Tools, resources, information, interviews; knowing where you can find them and getting involved with colleagues  is pretty much something you need if you want to get known in the industry. That’s why we decided to show you 10 amazing websites where you can find all you need in this profession.


    FilmSound is a website dedicated to share art and techniques of sound design, you can find content about film sound design history, film composers’ books, articles about the industry, how a movie sound design was made and some other stuff that you can find useful.

  Even if the website itself can be overwhelm at first, you will find a lot of information that is going to be beneficial to let you grow your knowledge.


  • SoundWorks Collection 
    SoundWorks Collection is a website where you can find content about sound design, behind the scenes, techniques used on films and other stuff related to Film/Game sound. 

    Inside it, you will find podcasts, videos and news about this amazing world.


    Was founded by Miguel Isaza in 2008 and handed over to Jack Menhorn, Shaun Farley and Varun Nair in 2011. It was created as a free resource dedicated to the art and technique of sound design.

    Inside it, you will find podcasts, videos and news about this amazing world.


  • USO Project
    Unidentified Sound Object is a web library where people can find free content about theory, application of new technologies, immersive audio, sound synthesis, digital signal processing and other stuff that can be helpful as a professional sound designer.

  • Stephan Schütze Website
    Stephan Schütze, a sound designer and composer created his website as a free online audio resource for people that want to learn more about the sound design process. With over 14k free high resolution sound effects and a listen-blog, Stephan created a resource where you can learn about de audio industry, Spatial audio and VR Techniques.


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